Town Twinning in Droitwich Spa

Welcome to the home of twinning in the town of Droitwich Spa.

In Droitwich Spa there are two Twinning Groups. The town has twinned with the German town of Bad Ems, situated in the Lahn Valley near Koblenz, since 1983, and with the French town of Voiron, situated in the Isere departement near Grenoble, since 2010. Exchange visits to/from these two towns take place in alternate years.

Each of the two Twinning Groups is autonomous and both are self-funding, being independent of Droitwich Spa Town Council, Wychavon District Council and Worcester County Council, and their funding.

Different towns have different flavours of twinning. Here in Droitwich Spa the emphasis is on having a thriving social side, with events during the year having as much importance as the exchange visits.

Droitwich Spa Twinning Association is merely an umbrella organisation, dealing with matters affecting Twinning as a whole. Each Group is responsible for running its own affairs and elects two members to sit on the Association Committee.

Both the German Twinning Group and the French Twinning Group are joint members of the Droitwich Spa Twinning Association.

What is twinning all about?

It’s when the people, across all walks of life, from similar towns or cities, from two or more countries, join together to exchange friendship and culture, as individuals, families, school groups, clubs or societies. Twinning can involve visits to and from the twin town, but it can also involve other sorts of communication, eg some groups undertake projects about each other’s culture or history, or participate in joint sporting competitions.

Why twin?

For enjoyment and building friendships; and through twinning activities to share in the lifestyles, culture and history of the twin town in a way that goes beyond mere tourism. It is also a good way to make many new friends in Droitwich Spa.